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100 Cross-Stitch Patterns: To Mix-and-Matc Cross-Stitch Patterns: To Mix-and-Match 100

100 Cross-Stitch Patterns: To Mix-and-Match

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100 Cross-Stitch Patterns: To Mix-and-Match - Product Description

An ideal introduction to the art and craft of cross-stitch, this book presents a bounty of the most popular types of motifs loved by stitchers in an easy-to-use, spiral-bound, split-page format. The majority of the book is the over 100 mix-and-match patterns, organized by type: borders, flowers, alphabets and other simple motifs. These can be endlessly combined to create exactly the effect you want, simply by flipping through the pages! Whether you want to work large or small, create homewares, embellish clothes, or produce works of art, all the patterns easily mix and match.

The patterns are presented in chart forms, each with a color key for ease of reference and a finished, worked example to show how the patterns should look when complete. In addition, an introduction to this easy-to-master craft covers all of the tools and equipment needed and demonstrates basic cross stitch techniques from starting to stitch through embellishments to finishing off.

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We can make a Custom full color counted cross-stitch pattern from your photo. Includes color key. PDF in less than 24hrs.

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