PDF Format - Receive your pattern within 24 hours in PDF format. Must have a PDF reader installed, available for free here: Acrobat Reader. Click "Order Now" below and you will be taken to our secure shopping cart for processing.

Save shipping charges. Total cost $14.95.
Scan your photo and send it to us as an email attachment. You can also send any clipart images or photos you have this way. Accepted file formats are .jpg, .tif or .tiff, .cgm, .png, .bmp, .wmf or .gif only. All patterns will contain the number of colors available in the graphic, up to 150. You will be able to select stitch count and project size during checkout.

NOTES: Your finished project will look almost exactly what the artwork looks like. Make sure your artwork is of the highest resolution possible. As with anything digital, garbage in, garbage out.

We will make small enhancements to the artwork such as cropping, brightness and contrast if needed at no extra charge. But we can't make a rock look like a diamond.

If you don't wish to send your artwork by email, you can also upload the artwork to us using our Contact Form.
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