You can improve the quality of your finished project using our patterns and avoid a delay in processing your order by following the hints below.

What file format of graphics do you accept?

We accept graphics in the following formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, .tif, .bmp, .eps. Sending us anything else will delay your order. Please do not send us PDF files or Word documents.

What graphic resolution should I send?

The graphic you submit should be the highest resolution possible. We will reduce the size as needed. 500 pixels wide or more is recommended. Note: You shouldn't make a .jpg or .gif bigger by increasing the size in a graphic editor. Unless the graphic is in vector format, this will cause the graphic to become 'pixelated', and will lose clarity. This will transfer to the finished project during our generation process.

Does stitch count and finished pattern size make a difference?

Most definitely. Our process analyzes each pixel in a graphic and turns it into a color-coded stitch.
The basic rule of thumb is the higher the stitch count and the larger the pattern, the more detail will show in the finished project. This is very important if you are submitting photos. Clipart, or graphics with only a few colors are not affected by this as much. It also affects the legibility of small text in the graphic. The pattern will include up to 150 available colors in the graphic. Backstitching is not required, as the colors will blend shadows and gradients seamlessly. The end result will be a project that very closely resembles the graphic you submit.

What kind of stitches do your patterns use?

Our patterns use full stitches using 2 strands.

Do your patterns include a color key chart?

Yes. The floss numbers for both DMC and Anchor are included. Each stitch is represented in color as well for easy reference. See Sample Pattern for screenshots.

Why do your patterns contain so many colors?

The more colors, the more detail. Our patterns don't require backstitching because the different colors blend shadows and gradients, giving the finished project realism. The number of colors used will vary with each graphic, up to a maximum of 150 colors.

NOTE: Even black & white graphics have more than one color: in different shades of gray. In fact,  all colors are combinations of many colors. Our process picks up all these colors and matches them to DMC & Anchor floss colors. Therefore we cannot produce patterns that use only 2 or 3 floss colors.

Can you add text to the pattern?

No. Our process will generate text existing in the graphic only. Note that very small text will not be very legible in the finished project. There just aren't enough stitches in tiny letters to make them readable. If your graphic contains text, make sure it is large enough to read.

Do you remove backgrounds?

We can, but it is labor intensive. If simply not stitching the background doesn't work for you, we can do extra graphic work for an additional charge. Send us the graphic and we will reply with a quote. This generally only runs about $20, depending on the background.

If you have any questions, just contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.
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